[NeAR] – Network Activity Renderer

Have you ever thought to listen to the Internet as we could listen to the engine of a car? It sounds weird but that is what we attempt to achieve with this project of web sonification. Network Activity Renderer is a software that captures and analyzes network data traffic in order to produce a visual and auditive rendering . It allows users to listen and see how their smartphones, tablets or other connected devices communicate with the rest of the world through the Internet.

There are severals aims for this project. The first one is to perform an original visual and auditive art creation using new technologies. The second objective is intended for network administrators to monitor their network connections and be able to judge its health ( too much traffic , lost connection , hacker attacks , … ) only by listening to the application. Activity Network Renderer also purposes to be a didactic project. Indeed, visual part gives a clear and real-time representation of the network activity. For instance, we can understand how some ” unwanted ” websites (web tracking, pop -up or social networks buttons) are visited when we surf on the Internet.

Capture d’écran 2014-05-26 à 12.46.28

Capture d’écran 2014-05-26 à 12.45.17

The installation will be set up in September @Point Culture in Brussels for a month.