InteNtion introduced at ICAD 2012

Rudi Giot and Jacques Tichon joined the International Conference on Auditory Display 2012 this month and Rudi presented a conference on his paper : InteNtion – Interactive Network Sonificaiton.

Rudi Giot presentation at ICAD 2012

InteNtion – Interactive Network


This paper presents an innovative approach in monitoring network traffic by adding a new dimension: the sound. InteNtion (Interactive Network Sonification) is a project aimed at mapping network activity to musical aesthetic. The network traffic analysis is made with the SharpPCap library (a port of WinPCap to C# environment). From this analysis, the collected data are converted into MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) messages and sent to dedicated synthesizers, which generate sounds dynamically mixed together. The whole process results in an interactive soundscape. This novel approach will initiate two opportunities for technological development. It allows users to actively take part in an interactive exhibition system through simple actions involving network access, including streaming radio over the Internet, sharing music on Twitter, downloading mp3 files and others. This project initiates also a new dimension in monitoring the network by helping the administrator in detecting efficiently the hacking and abuse of the infrastructure.