NetPix – KIKK 2014 – the State of play

The 6th and 7th november 2014, Ludovic LAFFINEUR presented a installation called NetPix during the festival KIKK in Namur. Visible borrowed space, “NetPix” materializes flows and makes data exchanges visible through pictures. The installation captures and shows visual contents circulating on the Kikk14 network, raising a fundamental question: Does a private life really exist on […]

KISS 2014 – Collaboration Live – Conferences

Last month the Sonification Laboratory attended at the Kyma Internationnal Sound Symposium (KISS) in Lübeck (DE). Ludovic LAFFINEUR did a collaborative live performance with Cristian VOGEL about Network Sonification called Internet Rumbles. Have you ever thought to listen to the Internet? That is what the performance attempts to achieve by analyzing network data traffic. Spectators […]

[NeAR] – Network Activity Renderer

Have you ever thought to listen to the Internet as we could listen to the engine of a car? It sounds weird but that is what we attempt to achieve with this project of web sonification. Network Activity Renderer is a software that captures and analyzes network data traffic in order to produce a visual […]

Brand new studio

In September, we found a beautiful space in the basement in our building and we projected to create our studio there. As you can see, at the beginning, we needed a bit of imagination… After cleaning it up, painting it, placing carpet and sound reduction plates, we reached our goal and have a great place […]


We participate to Artech 2012, the sixth international conference on Digital Arts held at University of Algarve in the South of Portugal. It aims to create a forum for the emerging digital arts bringing together the scientific, technological and artistic community. The goal is to promote the interest in the digital culture and its intersection […]

InteNtion introduced at ICAD 2012

Rudi Giot and Jacques Tichon joined the International Conference on Auditory Display 2012 this month and Rudi presented a conference on his paper : InteNtion – Interactive Network Sonificaiton. InteNtion – Interactive Network Abstract This paper presents an innovative approach in monitoring network traffic by adding a new dimension: the sound. InteNtion (Interactive Network Sonification) […]